My Troubles – Digital commission by Rickerly

Our second digital commission comes from fantastic Manchester-based musician and sound artist Rick Hartley – aka Rickerly.

Rick’s amazing new tracks were inspired by the diaries of Victorian teenager Dora Turnor, which are part of the collection at Chetham’s Library in Manchester. The diaries are also the focus of our event there, Nothing Stays Secret For Long, on Saturday 3rd March.

Listen here:

Rick on his commission:

“‘My Troubles’ explores themes of depression and sickness of Dora Turnor, despite the luxuries of being part of a wealthy family. The piece is broadly split into three sections:

Section A explores the obsession Dora appears to have with going or not going outside – many of her diary entries begin with a break down of her time outside in the preceding days or weeks.

Section B is based around a phrase fleshed out from Dora’s line “My troubles are only imaginary”, which points towards low moods, and feelings of guilt about feeling this way.

Section C contains a direct extract from some of Dora’s more difficult times.

The pieces uses a mixture of orchestral instrumentation and manipulated vocals to provide a snapshot into Dora Turnor’s more troublesome times.”

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