Two’s Company


Our 2nd birthday event!

  Monday 21 April 2014 at The Castle Hotel


To celebrate us turning 2 years old, we asked all our contributors to perform IN PAIRS.

We filmed this event, and are releasing the videos gradually on the blog. Watch them here.

Two's Company - poster by Jordan Bolton

Two’s Company – poster by Jordan Bolton

To add to the fun, our birthday event was guest hosted by the wonderful Trisha Anne Starbrook.

Line up of performers

Jez Hewes & Abi Hynes – words & music

James Varney & Lenni Sanders – poetry

Neil Winterburn & SPECIAL GUEST – comedy

Verity-May Henry & Jenny May Morgan – sketch

Richard Lomax & FirstnameFrank – music

Jake Walton & Ross McCaffrey (of Tin Tin Theatre) – comedy sketch

Rebecca Audra & Anna Percy (from Stirred Poetry) – poetry

Ailish Breen & Jenny Browne – music & spoken word

Our wonderful poster for this event was designed for us by the very lovely Jordan Bolton, who does all sorts of brilliant photography-based work. Check out some of the other posters he’s worked on via his Facebook page.

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