Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Monday 20 April at The Castle Hotel



Trisha hosting First Draft

With special guest host Trisha Starbrook

Join us for our April event in our regular home at The Castle Hotel, when we’re asking our performers to explore the themes of magic, illusion and deception.

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Line up of performers

Abi Hynes (fiction/poetry)

Matthew Gabrielli (storytelling)

Kath Whitehead (poetry)

Andrew Georgeson (performance talking*)

Joe Daly (fiction)

Jack Nicholls, Dave Duncan, Will Salter and Michael Dodds (sketch troupe)


Lydia Hounat (poetry)

Adam Blaize (comedy)

Sarah L Dixon (poetry)

Rob Cutforth (fiction)

Danielle Peet (creative non-fiction)

Tony Baxter (musical comedy)

*No, we’ve got no idea what this means either…

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2 responses to “Nothing Up Our Sleeves

  1. Cheers again Abi for a good chance to try out some stuff! These nights are very valuable for aspiring performers, and hopefully also a varied evening with something for most tastes! Cheers from Tony B x

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