When the darkness knocks…

First Draft at Chetham’s Library

Halloween Night (Monday 31st October)


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Chetham’s Library

It’s Halloween, and there is a darkness calling from a building that has witnessed the shadows of history flood the city. Chetham’s Library has soaked itself in secrets and stories and now First Draft coming to let the building speak. Our incredible line-up of performers will be sharing new music, stories, poetry and drama to tell the tales that the building cannot speak itself.

Our performers explore the creepy, strange and dark in this thick-walled, medieval building. Can a place ever shake it’s past? And if that past is as a priests residence, a prison, a gunpowder factory, a stately home and a school — what happens when all those histories wake up at once?


Our creeptastic line-up of spookifiers

Rosie Garland

Jack Nicholls

Ella Otomewo

Abi Hynes

Kate Feld

Jez Hewes

Julie Burrow

Harry Jelley

Hosted by the ever eerie Andrew Williamson

Where will you be when the darkness knocks…?



The Grey Lady – Chetham’s Ghost