At our October event, we got spooky a little bit early for Halloween…

Monday 19 October at The Castle Hotel

7.30pm – FREE

As you may have heard – for our new-look cabaret nights, we’re trying out providing a creative prompt for all performers who sign up to respond to in whatever way they see fit. They are set by a performer from the previous event, and this one comes from brilliant fiction writer and occasional First Draft guest host, Trisha Starbrook.

If you’ve been inspired by our prompt this month and would like to send us a creative response to it, get in touch and we’ll publish it on our blog during October!

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First Draft ghost 1

Trisha’s prompt: Haunted

Memories are ghosts.

They attach to us like untrustworthy shadows, changing when we turn to look at them. We walk through life with shades of our selves. What’s your first memory?

Are you sure?

You’re an unreliable narrator.

Was that really déjà vu? Haven’t you been here before? Don’t you remember?

Are you sure? The world is full of our ghosts. Be careful in choosing which ones to trust.

Take a look at some photos from the event

Singer-songwriter Becky Wilkie performing her acoustic set at our Haunted event

Singer-songwriter Becky Wilkie performing her acoustic set at our Haunted event

Line up of performers

Jasmine Chatfield – fiction

Jimbo Agogo – poetry

John Klark – comedy/poetry

Nija Dalal-Small – creative non-fiction

Ronnie Leek – fiction/poetry

Becky Wilkie – music


Mark Powell – spoken word

Holly Hubbard – fiction/poetry

Adam Farrer – creative non-fiction

Joe Daly – fiction

Jez Hewes – music

If you’d like to perform at one of our future events, you can find out a bit more about performing with us here.