Friends at the Table

Musician and regular First Draft contributor Jez Hewes has created two music tracks for us in response to our Fan Club event this month. Read his short blog post and listen below!

friends at the table

If I’d known how long I was going to be in Chicago from the beginning, I probably would have tried harder to make friends.

I planned the move as a kind of wilderness sabbatical. I moved somewhere far away from everyone I cared about,  spending my days working and my free time looking after myself. I didn’t try to socialise outside of work. I got fit and healthy; I played music and went to concerts; I read books and played video games. I cooked a lot.

I swam. I listened to the first season of Friends at the Table over autumn evenings, the sun glancing at oblique angles through the second-storey windows of the local pool. Months later, as work began to pile up, I listened to COUNTER//WEIGHT mostly during the hour’s car journey from my apartment to work and back, speeding down I-290 in the darkness.


Jez performing with Abi Hynes at our Christmas event in 2015

Being alive is kind of like one of those shitty project management graphs (“fast, good and cheap – pick two”). You can be successful at work, have a full social life, and look after yourself – but you only get to pick two (if you’re lucky). I maxed out on work and my health, at the expense of hitting the pause button on my social life for over a year – and during that time, I ended up really connecting to this show where smart cool people just have fun playing a game together.

I made a couple of pieces of fan music. I usually making little bits of music based on my mood, and there were two moments in particular that stuck out to me: the Chime’s arrival on September, and the first reveal of Rigour. So I wrote two lil musical pieces – “September” and “the Curvature of the Earth”. You can listen to them, if you want to.

(but if you’re going to listen to anything, it should definitely be Friends at the Table)


Don’t forget to join us for our Fan Club event at The Castle Hotel on Monday 15 August! Check out our line up of performers and read the prompt here

Hear more from Jez on SoundCloud

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