Andrew Georgeson – Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Andrew Georgeson, the mysterious ‘performance talker’ we have on our line up for our Nothing Up Our Sleeves event tomorrow night, brings us our next guest blog to introduce himself…

When lamenting on love, in between planning the next nose job, the great philosopher Barry Manilow once questioned, ‘could this be magic at last.’ Of coarse, we will never know who the ‘sweet Melissa’ is he was referring too, but, after seeing Barry at the Phones4U Arena last year, I would gladly be his Melissa.

Barry Manilow. Obviously.

Barry Manilow. Obviously.

Hello. My name is Andrew Georgeson, I was born in the latter half of the 20th century and I’m from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I’m returning back to talking to strangers after a short stint of doing it a year ago, and, deciding I was never going to be a Geordie Scroobius Pip, I decided I needed to change my style. So, that’s where we are now, and it has resulted in me mainly writing about largely irrelevant things. I say performance talking because I don’t have jokes or poems, really, so I literally am just talking, you lucky otters.

I have performed in a few of the Manchester based nights, like Verbose & Write Out Loud, but it will be my first time at First Draft. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and I’ve never done a themed night before, so we’ll see how this goes.

‘Nothing Up Our Sleeves’ is an interesting theme to start my themed night career. Most of my stuff is attributing animal’s powers they don’t have, so I guess that fits. But with the non-stop bullocks that we are getting filtered down through us through the politicians for the upcoming election, I’m sure I’ll fit something about deceit or something like that in there.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and my talking. Just humor me and go along with it, what you see it literally my act.

I have a website that I put together because I have that little regard for my dissertation: and a twitter @ageorgesonnn

Extra bits

Don’t forget to join us for our April event, Nothing Up Our Sleeves, tomorrow (Monday) night at The Castle Hotel

Read the first blog on this theme from sketch troupe Beach Hunks, who share their deepest darkest confessions

Want to perform for us or get involved with future events? Get in touch!

Follow First Draft on twitter, and tweet about tomorrow night using #NothingUpOurSleeves


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