An interview with Pamela DeMenthe

Pamela DeMenthe began her writing career 18 months ago and has taken the erotic fantasy thriller genre by storm. Here, regular First Draft performer Jenny May Morgan finds out a little bit about the woman behind such masterpieces such as Panties Inferno: you better put some cream on that! and Feel my Current: naughty tales from the south west electricity board.

Jenny May Morgan as Pamela DeMenthe - photo by Phil Benbow

Jenny May Morgan as Pamela DeMenthe – photo by Phil Benbow

Jenny:  Pamela, 28 books this year, a publishing company and soon to be hosting your own writers masterclass, it’s been quite a journey! So, can you tell us where it all began for you?

Pamela:  Well It started back in 2013. I’d been churning out books for several months, and although the books were sensational, I’d not really had the confidence to show anyone. So My husband Keith suggested I find a platform to show case some of my new work and after researching for 5 minutes on the internet we came across ‘First Draft’. A cabaret night for new work based in the Northern Quarter.

So I got in touch with the organiser, Abi Hynes, who invited me to perform at one of the First Draft nights. She explained that there would probably some ‘Aspiring Writers’ in the audience and it might be useful to show an example of my literary prowess. So I obliged and read an excerpt from one of my earlier pieces, Castration in the library: Shhhhhh, and it went down a storm… I could tell from the way the audience avoided me at the bar, that my reading had struck quite a chord. I have since been a regular performer and audience member at First Draft and often find myself lost in a corner offering wisdom to some hapless artist, but honestly, that’s what I love about it!

Jenny_May_Morgan_as_Pamela_Dementhe_Credit_Phill_Benbow Landscape

Jenny May Morgan as Pamela DeMenthe – photo by Phil Benbow

Find out more

Jenny May Morgan began performing as Pamela DeMenthe – a character of her own creation – at First Draft in 2013, and has gone on to create her own one woman comedy show: An Evening of Filth and Despair, which you can catch at HOME‘s Re:play festival this month.

Erotica author Pamela DeMenthe shares with the audience the secrets of her literary success and invites fans to hear extracts from her latest novel Sticky Digits

Listen to the audio trailer

Find out more about the show and book tickets for An Evening of Filth and Despair, which runs from 22 – 24 January 2015

Follow @FirstDraftMcr and @PamelaDeMenthe on Twitter, or search #filthanddespair and #Replay2015

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming dates for First Draft events in 2015!


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