The Far Fire – Abi and Jez

Need a bit of #FirstDraftFridays to brighten up your day? Don’t worry. We’re here for you. Always.*

Here’s Abi Hynes and Jez Hewes performing some music and spoken word together at our Two’s Company event earlier this year. It contains all the libraries-are-like-sex metaphors you never knew you needed.

Jez is leaving us and Manchester very soon (though not permanently, we hope), to go and do some science in the US (*sob*). We don’t really know what sort of science, but it sounds complicated. He’ll be much missed at First Draft – if you want to say your goodbyes, you should probably watch this video lots, and show all your friends.

Bye, Jez. Come back soon...

Bye, Jez. Come back soon…

Don’t leave us yet…

Wow. Needy. Alright then.

If you want some more, you can check out the other part of Abi and Jez‘s set, which took the form of a murder ballad ‘Don’t Follow Me‘.

Want more videos? We’ve got loads on the blog, and you can browse to your heart’s content here. We also filmed our last event, One Night Only!, and the videos from this will be available soon.

Virtual performances just not enough for you? Want to see us IN THE FLESH?* Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got some very exciting events coming up this autumn, including a one off poetry special featuring Tony Walsh (aka Longfella), and we’ll be getting seriously spooky for Halloween with First Draft’s Fright Night. Check out these events here.

Follow Abi, Jez and First Draft on Twitter

*Except when we have the week off.

**Zombie reference. Get it?


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