James Varney and Lenni Sanders – Alphabet Poetry

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’ve got that #FirstDraftFridays feeling…

One of the things we’re pretty fond of at First Draft is getting artists to collaborate with each other, which is why we like to encourage pairs and groups to perform together at our events, often for the first time. This week, we’re showcasing the delightful pairing of two poets, James Varney and Lenni Sanders.

Watch James and Lenni perform their double act at our 2nd birthday event, Two’s Company:

James is a poet, playwright, director and performer. You can find out more about his work on his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

Lenni is a Lancashire-based poet, and you can listen to lots more of her work on Soundcloud. Follow her on Twitter here.

We’ll be sharing more videos from this event over the next few weeks. Watch the performances we’ve already posted, and read the blogs some of them have written about the magic of  creative collaboration here.

Got a taste for it?

Watch other poets perform at First Draft by exploring our Poetry and Spoken Word categories

Sign up to perform at our next event: One Night Only!

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