Jenny and Ailish – poetry swap

We’re tugging at your heart strings this week for #FirstDraftFridays. Tissues at the ready.

You can now watch Ailish Breen and Jenny Browne perform their music and spoken word set at our No More Comfort Zone event in December. To fit the theme, they both wrote pieces of poetry about their relationship, and then swapped, so that they each read each other’s work while the other one plays guitar.

The way they kept the music going when they had to hand the guitar over is particularly lovely…

Ailish is a writer and musician, and has been performing at First Draft since we started. You can watch two of her music videos here. Read more of her work over on her blog.

Jenny is a writer and spoken word artist. Watch her perform her poem, Written on a Theme, here. You can also read more of her work on her blog, Gossamer.

Follow Ailish and Jenny on Twitter.

Want to perform at First Draft? We’re particularly keen to hear from musicians for our upcoming events.

Don’t forget to join us on Monday for our next event: Show and Tell!


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